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Saturday, January 3, 2009

You are gonna do what?

So when Gena tells me she wants me to come over and watch her cook in her new dutch oven I was like umm...welll..yea okay. Inside I was thinking this sounded about as thrilling as watching my husband watch TV but what the heck. What I was about to see would have brought tears of joy to my deceased grandparent's eyes. From here I will let her pick up the story----signed, the NON-domestic mom :)

Ok it is my turn (Gena).....and as Clark Griswald said....."we made it damnit, we made it". For Christmas my husband gave me a Camp dutch oven, not the be confused with a regurlar dutch oven. The differance, (as you can see from one of the photos) the top is recessed slightly to give a small side to the top so coals will set nicely over the top of the oven to cook from above. Along with my new Lodge Camp Dutch oven came a cook book with several recipes, everything from pot roast to biscuts to peach cobbler. I decided to try the biscuts, they seemed easy enough. Of course with everything comes a learning curve and that was no exception with the dutch oven. My first lesson in Camp dutch oven cooking,.........preheat your oven. The recipe in the book said that the biscuts should only take 15mins (tops) to cook. My first set of biscuts took over an hour to cook. My first problem, I didn't preheat my dutch oven....number 2.....I needed to use more coals. After about an hour of preheating and loading the oven up with coals both under and over the oven.....we were roasty toasty and it did only take about 12mins. to cook biscuts. The first photo is of the finial product which took about 2hrs to get to. The second photo is me looking under the lid at my biscuts, notice the coals on top of my lid. The 3rd photo is of me mixing my biscuts and the 4th photo is the biscuts cooking over (and under) the coals. If you notice there are more coals on the 2nd photo than of the 4th photo...the 4th photo was taken early in the process before I really loaded up the cooker with coals to heat it up. It was a lot of fun and my next experiment will be with cake. So........... how will you feed your family when you have no electricity or gas to cook with? Me, I will me able to make a pot roast, biscuts, and peach cobbler....heck that is better cooking then I do now with my stove. LOL. Enjoy.

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  1. I have one of those dutch ovens. I haven't used it in years, since my boys were in Cub Scouts. They're now 25 and almost 30! I should get it out next time we go camping and find some recipes for it.

    Thanks for entering my Never Say Diet giveaway, stop by again. Jeannie